About Us

LandInfo Technologies Inc. is an independent consulting firm providing Geo-spatial and Information System consulting services to public and private sector clients since 1995.

Our goal is to help our clients to be better in what they do by finding the most effective solution to accommodate their needs. We are a small privately owned company with offices in British Columbia and Nova Scotia and thrive on providing personal service that is responsive to each client’s needs.

One of our primary goals is to address the unique GIS and Asset Management needs of smaller municipalities by developing and implementing cost effective and easy-to-use solutions.  We work closely with colleges, universities and communities of practices to develop and improve these methodologies and tools and also rely heavily on the input and feedback from our existing clients. Our software tools are built on open source software and are available for free to the community.

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Our Tools

Desktop GIS

Includes setup and maintenance of QGIS on a desktop platform. We also provide resources and labour to capture and digitize base map, water, storm and sanitary networks.

More information here.

Tablet GIS

QGIS implemented on a tablet with GPS. These tablet are generally used by Public Works to locate assets and capture any changes. More information here.


Online GIS platform for viewing and querying asset information. We host your data on secure servers perform data updates as required. More information here.

State of Infrastructure Reports

Condition assessment of assets including life expectancy, annual renewal costs and replacement cost. These reports assist in asset management decision making. More information here.

Meet the CEO

Tjaart Van den Berg is the CEO of LandInfo Technologies Inc. He holds a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning with 30 years international experience in the development and implementation of GIS in the public and private sector. Tjaart was born and educated in South Africa and has been working with local governments in Canada for more than 20 years. In the course of his work, he has become an expert in developing and applying GIS technologies to support municipal infrastructure and services. 

Tjaart is passionate about assisting municipalities to be more effective in what they do. In recent years, he focused his work on designing solutions to help smaller municipalities with asset management planning needs and implementation. In addition to assisting numerous municipal and private sector clients to implement GIS and Asset Management systems in Canada, the USA and South Africa, Tjaart actively promotes the awareness of geospatial technologies. He is a regular speaker at universities and professional institutions and has been working closely with various research institutions to develop innovative technology and procedures that improve the use of GIS and Asset Management.