LandInfo Technologies (LIT) is an independent consulting firm providing asset management consulting services to public and private sector clients since 1995. LIT is privately owned with offices in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. LIT's primary goal is to address the unique asset management needs of smaller municipalities utilizing geographical information systems. Our software tools are open-source and available for free to our clients. We work closely with colleges, universities, provincial governments, and communities of practice to develop and improve our methodologies and tools.

Civitas Asset Management

LIT is an official maintainer of Civitas Asset Management, an open source software project designed for small municipality asset management.

Civitas Project


LIT uses a three phase approach to implementing asset management in small communities. Maintenance, support and hosting contracts are available to keep your asset management up to date.

Phase 1: Asset Inventory

The first step to implementing asset management is creating a sustainable asset inventory. The use of a geographical information system is crucial in this phase. At the end of Phase 1, your community’s assets will be viewable on a digital mapping application, hard-copy infrastructure maps and a preliminary state of infrastructure report will be available.

Phase 2: Asset Prioritization

The second step is prioritizing your asset inventory. Your community’s resources are finite and must be allocated efficiently. We determine risk values in a workshop setting with your staff. At the end of Phase 2, your community will have a prioritized asset inventory, hard-copy risk maps and a refined state of infrastructure report wil be available.

Phase 3: Capital and Operational Strategies

The third step is creating capital and operational strategies. Information from Phase 1 and Phase 2 are used to identify feasible projects that balance your budgetary needs with your community’s critical assets. We determine projects with your staff and experienced consultants such as local engineers. At the end of Phase 3 you will have an asset management plan including a short-term and long-term capital and operational strategy, and an asset management policy.

Data Maintenance, Support and Hosting

LIT provides a data maintenance, support, and hosting service. We work closely with your staff to ensure that the state of your assets are accurately represented and updated in your asset inventory. We also review your asset priorities and keep your capital and operational strategies up-to-date. Maintenance and support packages can be tailored to your community’s unique needs.



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