LandInfo Technologies is an independent consulting firm providing asset management consulting services to public and private sector clients since 1995. Our primary goal is to address the unique asset management needs of Canada's smaller communities utilizing geographical information systems. We advocate open source and are a major shareholder of MyCivitas, an open source asset management application designed for smaller municipalities.

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Asset Management Consulting and Support

Not sure how to get started with asset management? From creating an asset register to developing capital plans, we have an experienced team available. We recommend MyCivitas, an affordable, user-friendly asset management platform.

Geographical Information System Consulting and Support

Explore the powerful tools of QGIS, a free open source GIS application. We can support you setting up your system, provide training on using the application, and provide GIS technician resources.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Need to keep track of operational tasks? MyCivitas includes an online map-based CMMS to create, assign, and resolve maintenance activities and work orders. Ask us for more information.

Aerial Drone Surveys

Ask us about using drone surveys to create high-resolution orthophotos, digital terrain models, and more.

Water Modelling

We work closely with the stakeholders of GISWater, an open source application utilizing EPANET and SWMM with a powerful user interface, to provide training, support, and consulting on creating and analyzing hydraulic models.

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