LandInfo Technologies Inc. (LIT) is an independent consulting firm providing geospatial and information system consulting services to public and private sector clients since 1995. LIT is privately owned with offices in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. One of LIT's primary goals is to address the unique GIS and Asset Management needs of smaller municipalities. Our software tools are open-source and available for free to our clients. We work closely with colleges, universities, provincial governments, and communities of practice to develop and improve these methodologies and tools.


Web Mapping

Online mapping tool

Desktop GIS

Desktop mapping software


Spreadsheet-based asset management reporting application

Tablet GIS

Tablet mapping software


Consulting, Maintenance, Support and Hosting

LIT provides consulting services to facilitate asset management discussions, workshops, and training sessions. LIT also provides technical maintenance, support and hosting for all tools including desktop GIS, web mapping, tablet GIS and AIMSOIR.

4. Risk Management and Capital Strategies

Manage risk by implementing operational strategies. Prepare for the future by implementing capital strategies.

3. Infrastructure Prioritization

Assets are prioritized by risk and community needs. This involves facilitating discussion and workshops.

2. State of Infrastructure Reports

State of Infrastructure Reports are produced to support asset management decision making. These high-level reports include replacement cost, condition, projected capital expenditures and estimated annual reserve required for all captured asset classes.

1. Infrastructure Registry

Create an organized registry of all municipal owned assets. Asset classes include but are not limited to transportation networks, water supply, wastewater collection, stormwater collection, facilities, electric power distribution.

Meet the CEO

Tjaart Van den Berg is the CEO of LandInfo Technologies Inc (LIT). He holds a master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning and has 30 years international experience in both public and private sectors. Tjaart's work focuses on enhancing asset management planning in small municipalities. He has been a major influence and contributor to the open-data and open-source software movement in Canada's asset management community. Tjaart is a founding member of the Atlantic Infrastructure Management Network (AIM Network), a not-for-profit community of practice supporting municipal asset management in Atlantic Canada.  He currently serves as chair of AIM Network's the Technical Advisory Committee.